She’s Drunk is one of those DJs who makes the hours of streaming through brain-meltingly wack, uninspired crap on SoundCloud totally worth it. Almost every track he’s released independently could fit snugly in my secret weapons folder, for that hour when the floor is just starting to fade a little. People begin receding to the shadowy edges of the room and attempt drunken conversation with the people next to them. Some find chairs to rest their weary legs; others make their way towards coat check: it’s time to leave. Just as the crowd begins to thin, you throw on Fantask, and everyone’s like, WHAAAAAT, and comes running back to seize and malfunction like possessed automatons.

Actually, this never happens, because mostly people have no idea how to dance to music like this, and probably wouldn’t want to. It’s aggressive, unwieldy, inconsistent, and mildly frightening. You’d probably clear most rooms with She’s Drunk’s productions. However, based on his new mix for Youngstar’s label, Liminal Sounds alone, I would show up on time at at any party with his name on it. Beyonce’s Yonce was remixed in a Somalian oil refinery. Gappy Ranks is autotuned and refitted with cyborg parts in an amazing Stinkin’ Rich remix, and then blasts off with DJ Bin Laden’s Passinha do Farao into Clique Track by little known, but promising collab between She’s Drunk and labelmate, LE FUE, Sabrina.




Lucky Me Records recent signee, DJ PAYPAL is tearing shit up as he frantically pushes his way towards the center of the footwork x drum n bass explosion. This folder full of Drake remixes is kind of like debris falling off an meteor shooting a thousand miles an hour through the earth’s atmosphere. The word on the street is that PAYPAL doesn’t hover much longer than an hour over any one remix, but as far as side notes go, these tracks are very rare. Thank you Dummy Mag.


Brooklyn rapper, Prada Mane is another hip-hop artist, among collaborators like Yung Lean and Sad Boyz, who takes emotional honesty to unprecedented levels. Actually, emotional honesty probably isn’t the right term. Maybe it’s just sad rap–a genre category we might devote to rap in which the artist is less concerned with being sensitive, and more intent on harnessing the power of melancholy as a mode of performance, like the inverse of bravado. Ennui might just be a new mask to posture behind, just as it has been in years past for emo. Prada’s new mixtape, “Blue Prada”, features a much wider thematic range than just crying. It is a reverberatory tour through the mausoleum of the artists’ mind, at times haunting and ghostly, sometimes reflective, often hilarious, always riding on fantastic production. Cop the mixtape, wait for the rain to start falling and crank it.


L.A. CLUB RESOURCE not a label from this era. Steeped in the nostalgic mythos of 90s ghetto house, r&b, and Houston trap rap, Delroy Edwards has constructed a dark, dreamy simulacrum of a period he was probably never old enough to experience himself, soaked in tape fuzz and promethazine. Based in Los Angeles, the imprint attracts producers concocting only the dirtiest and scuzziest of house tracks, and Delroy himself has released multiple throwback screwed rap tapes that usually sacrifice sound fidelity for ghostly tape machine aura, including the second installment of his Slowed Down Funk series. You can download the tapes for free here, and in the meantime, listen to Delroy’s alter ego, DJ PUNISHER on one of the best tracks I’ve heard this summer.

Heavee, formerly Heavee D, is a rising star in Chicago’s Teklife footwork outfit. Though the pain of DJ Rashad’s untimely passing is still fresh, proof that the movement lives on in his devotees and the young producers he mentored reveals itself aplenty. His signature style can be heard in many of Heavee’s melodies–prolonged sci-fi synth tones rising and falling in tonal increments as if ascending and descending a staircase (see FEELINGZ) or aggressive bass attacks under choppy, yet precisely placed vocal barrages while fluttery stabs patter from above (see TRUTH). Nevertheless, this is clearly and unabashedly Heavee’s record, and it shows. KNOWLEDGE manages to somehow lurch through contemplative melancholy, while BLISS is both a classically hard-hitting footwork track fit for any battle, while also managing to harness the dreamy pop of a Ibiza trance melody. Cop the whole EP for $5 here.

Bill Salas, AKA Brenmar, for anyone who doesn’t know him, is a DJ’s DJ. In an age when major New York City and LA club nights are sometimes just rooms for bon vivants to stand around and exude wealth in while a Lana Del Rey look-alike drunkenly fumbles with her iPod in the booth, one can still tap a wealth of skilled selectors who make it their craft and duty to receive the vibes emanating from a crowd and feed them what they want, and sometimes what they need but didn’t know they needed. Brenmar never fails to make a dancefloor quake, including his own productions in his sets which usually float somewhere in a sea of hip hop, R&B, and club musics. In this VFILES mini-doc, the NYC-based artist talks about growing up in Chicago, feeling the crowd, dumb requests, and why being a DJ is clearly the best job in the world.

Check out VFILES’ DJ championship contest vid below. 3 finalists will battle at the VFILES NYFW show.

SCHWARZ, total Jersey Club inspired Baltimore dancefloor psychopath just released all the remixes of his Thunder Zone single, Open Up Yr Mind. It makes total sense that Schwarz would share a label with Juiceboxxx, another whiteboy weirdo rap contributor. I’ve been following Schwarz on SoundCloud for years, and I almost never like anything he releases. Now I’m starting to come around. Enjoy the Open Up Yr Mind remixes for free download on his SoundCloud. La Chat’s rap remix obviously takes the cake.