Illangelo, Canadian artist responsible for the production behind Drake’s “Crew Love”, Wiz Khalifa’s “Remember You”, and who also acted as executive producer on The Weeknd’s “Trilogy”, is gearing up for his next collaboration project with singer Phlo Finister entitled “YOUTHQUAKER”. It is unclear if this is a reference to seismic shifts under the earth’s crust or a pacifist Christian order. No matter, the video is really incredible. The forces of light and dark converge when a young cyber warrior of good must avenge the death of her comrade and vanquish an invisibility-cloaked assassin in the flood control channels of a future San Fernando Valley. Or something like that.

Druid Cloak and I have a lot in common. He chooses to remain anonymous, he is a woodland mystic, fond of flowing hooded garments, and judging by tracks like Emerald Aura, he likes to vape wax in the sweat lodge. (Blunts get soggy in there.) On this track though, he’s getting a little hype hype, perverting Hemsworth’s emotional halftime reflection on la vida extraña into something far more dramatic, schizo, and dubby. DL Link available on Soundcloud.

Richard D. James hasn’t released any music under the moniker, Aphex Twin, in over a decade. However, an old test pressing of the never before heard 1994 full length, “Caustic Window”, popped up on Discogs awhile back, posted by someone trying to sell it for $13,500. A dedicated, if not obsessive EDM forum, We Are The Music Makers, managed to drum up the money to buy the pressing via a Kickstarter to distribute digital versions of the track amongst its contributors. In the meantime, while we wait for that to leak, you can listen to the the whole thing on Youtube.

Not so sure that this blog is the right place to post about this, just because it will get coverage everywhere else. No matter, the video’s direction totally fits it snugly within our purview of taste. It’s a totally bizarre video, and not for the reasons one might expect. It’s not the totally non sequitur poorly animated rabbit, or the awesome dripping CGI tears that hark back to Twigs’ brilliant, Jesse Kanda-animated video, Water Me. What feels so strange is the totally unemotional deadpan delivery of an apparently heartfelt song. The Game just looks kind of uncomfortable, like he’s not sure what he’s doing there, and Nicki seems totally uninspired–more intent on marketing her perfume, the Beats By Dre “Pill” and awkwardly showing off her giant fake boobs than anything in the actual content of the song. Maybe she’s just supposed to seem like she’s on a bunch of pills. Come to think of it, what was probably the idea all along.


First, let’s start with Death Grips, who are apparently totally uninterested in making money off of record sales. This is the second time this year they’ve put out practically an album for free with no warning, on Facebook, no press, and basically just sat back and watched the internet explode over it. This time Bjork inexplicably makes an appearance on all 8 tracks. This is the first of two installments, the second one entitled jenny death will be coming out later this year. Sit down in a pile of rocks, crack a St. Ides, and sludge out to this new new.



You may have never heard of Madame X, and her Manchester-based label, Big People Music, but this compilation might get you thinking. Manchester has long had a history of being a strong outpost for London-centric music in Northern England. X is spearheading the emergence of it’s newest resident, grime and  bass, a new genre title which pretty much means, “we’re making the exact same music producers like Wiley were making 10 years ago except clubbier and we don’t need an MC.” A couple days ago, X released Kaizen Movements Vol. 1, a sampler of some of her closest associates and producers aligned with her as a DJ, her label, and the grime and bass movement. Notable contributors include Murlo, Dark0, and Marcx. 10 tracks free for DL so enjoy!

TroyBoi is a member of the collective Hegemon, which seems to be just a bunch of “chill bros” who like to make “swag trap” for the money and the honeys. The above track s a multilayered demonstration of advanced mixing skills and an understanding of the concept of “swing”. Highly infectious and soulful EDM.

They say that originality is impossible. Every concept contains a referent to a previous idea. To create a work of art in a cultural vacuum is a perhaps beautiful, but impossible dream. That is, until you make a CGI music video about a SIM card flying through the intestines of a cyborg guinea pig. Pretty sure that’s never been done before. Hats off to you, Clifford Sage.